Gameboy Adance System Indigo (USED)
Gameboy Adance (Indigo) USED Great Condition 
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass DS CIB (USED)
Nintendo DS Game  Complete in Box USED Great Condition 
Color Me Blood Red Blu Ray (USED)
For the third and final instalment in his infamous Blood Trilogy , Color Me Blood Red, splatter movie pioneer Herschell Gordon Lewis turned to the world of fine art for this tortured tale of a troubled artist turned homicidal maniac....
Two Thousand Maniacs Blu-Ray (USED)
After shocking and outraging the world with his genre-defining 1963 gore-fest Blood Feast, exploitation pioneer H.G. Lewis would seek (and positively succeed!) to outdo himself with the deliciously depraved Two Thousand Maniacs! When a group of Yankee tourists take a...
Super Paper Mario CIB (USED)
Wii Game Complete in Box USED Great Condition 
Super Smash Bros Brawl (USED)
Wii Game  No Manual  USED Great Condition 
Star Ocean The Second Story CIB (USED)
PS1 Game  USED Front cover wear and small crack on the back of the jewel case   
Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary 9" Statue Diorama By Numskull (USED)
THIS ITEM IS USED, WAS ONE OF THE DISPLAYS AT GAMESTOP. OTHER THAN THAT, THE ITEM IS IN GREAT CONDITION  Official SEGA product Designed by and engineered by Numskull Designs Exclusive statue featuring Sonic and Dr. Eggman in battle Depicts...
Ring 2 DVD (USED)
While investigating the mysterious death of her boyfriend, Mai (Miki Nakatani) learns of the existence of a videotape that causes those who watch it to die. She then hears the story of Sadako (Rie Ino'o), the vengeful, supernatural force behind...
The Funhouse DVD (USED)
Rebellious teen Amy (Elizabeth Berridge) defies her parents by going to a trashy carnival that has pulled into town. In tow are her boyfriend, Buzz (Cooper Huckabee), and their friends Liz (Largo Woodruff) and Richie (Miles Chapin). Thinking it would...
Skinned Alive DVD (USED)
Crawldaddy and her two kids are travelling across the country on the search for victims. The dysfunctional family has the disturbing habit of skinning people alive before killing them. When their van breaks down, they are put up by a...
The Atomic Cafe DVD (USED)
This darkly humorous documentary consists of archival footage about nuclear warfare. Drawing largely on government propaganda and training films for American soldiers, the movie, presented in collage form, features clips from early in the Cold War era that are filled...
Jack Frost 2 Lenticular Cover VHS (USED)
Sam (Christopher Allport) is traumatized by his experience the previous Christmas, battling Jack Frost (Matt Falletta), a murderous snowman possessed by a serial killer. His wife, Anne (Eileen Seeley), thinks a trip to the tropics will get his mind off...
Return of the Killer Tomatoes The Sequal VHS (USED)
The insane Dr. Gangrene develops a new strain of violent vegetable in this sequel to the 1977 cult classic. USED
It's Alive VHS (USED)
Leaving their son, Chris (Daniel Holzman), with a family friend (William Wellman Jr.), Frank (John P. Ryan) and Lenore Davis (Sharon Farrell) head to the hospital for the birth of their second child -- which turns out to be a...
Sleepwalkers VHS (USED)
A mother-and-son team of strange supernatural creatures move to a small town to seek out a young virgin to feed on. USED  
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